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SizeNeck (in)chest (in)waist (in)hip (in)Sleeve (in)inseam (in)Heightweight (lbs)
XS14-14 1/232-3428-3032-3431-3231 1/2Regular 5'6" to 6'130-145
S14-14 1/235-3830-3235-3832-3331 1/2 145-160
M15-15 1/238-4033-3538-4033-3432 160-175
L16-16 1/242-4436-3842-4434-3532 175-190
XL17-17 1/246-4840-4246-4835-3632 1/2 190-215
2XL18-18 1/250-5244-4650-5236-3732 1/2 215-230
3XL19-19 1/254-5648-5054-5637-3833 230-245
4XL20-20 1/258-6052-5458-6038-3933 245-260
5XL20-20 1/262-6456-5862-6439-4033 260-275
MT15-15 1/238-4033-3538-4034-3534Tall 6'1" to 6'4"170-185
LT16-16 1/242-4436-3842-4435-3634 185-200
XLT17-17 1/246-4840-4246-4836-3734 1/2 200-225
2XLT18-18 1/250-5244-4650-5237-3834 1/2 225-240
SizeHeight (cm)Weight (kg)Neck (cm)Chest (cm)Waist (cm)Hip (cm)Sleeve (cm)Inseam (cm)
S 66-7336-3789-9776-8189-9781-8480
M 73-7938-3997-10284-8997-10284-8681
L 79-8641-42107-11291-97107-11286-8981
XL 86-9843-44117-122102-107117-12289-9183
2XL 98-10446-47127-132112-117127-13291-9483
3XL 104-11148-50137-142122-127137-14294-9784
4XL 111-11851-52147-152132-137147-15297-9984
5XL 118-12551-52157-163142-147157-16399-10284
LT 84-9141-42107-11291-97107-11289-9186
XLT 91-10243-44117-122102-107117-12291-9488
2XLT 102-10946-47127-132112-117127-13294-9788

How to Measure:

Men's 	Measurement Guide

Measure around base of neckline, keeping one finger between your neck and the measuring tape.


Measure around body with tape leveled on the fullest part of your chest.


Measure around your waist with the tape leveled at the narrowest point of your torso.


With arm relaxed at your side, measure from center back neck, to point of shoulder, and along the arm to the wrist (just below round bone).


Stand with heels 2-3" apart. Keep the tape leveled and measure around the fullest part of your hips.


Measure pants that fit you well, and feel comfortable. Lay pants flat on table, and smooth the front and back crease. Measure along the inseam from crotch to bottom of edge of hem.